Latest Press Releases

Largest forest research conference worldwide to be held in Salt Lake City; IUFRO press release; October 2014. Spanish version - French version

French forestry student first to fill new IUFRO/IFSA joint position; IUFRO press release; October 2013

A changing forest sector: Globalization triggers bio-economy and the search for new business opportunities; IUFRO press release; August 2013

Paving the Way for the First Ever IUFRO World Congress in Latin America; IUFRO press release; July 2013

Combating water scarcity in Latin America: Good forest management is part of the solution; IUFRO press release; June 2013

Combatiendo la escasez de agua en América Latina: El buen manejo forestal es parte de la solución; Noticia de prensa de IUFRO; June 2013

Increasing Africa's climate resilience: Need to strengthen forest research; IUFRO press release; June 2012

Eight new fact sheets highlight the key role of sustainable forest management in sustainable development; CPF Press Release, June 2012

On the healthy trail – Forest recreation and health benefits should play a vital role in forest management; IUFRO Press release on the occasion of the international conference: Forests for People – International experiences and the vital role for the future; Alpbach/Tyrol, Austria; 22-24 May 2012; 22 May 2012

Forest Day 5 - Experts: New wave of deforestation threatens Africa’s climate resilience; Press Release, 4 December 2011

Forest Day 5 – Traditional forest knowledge: An untapped source for coping with climate change; IUFRO press release on the occasion of Forest Day 5, December 2011

Weichenstellung für Waldstrategie; article on 50th IUFRO Board Meeting in Austrian journal "Der Holzkurier", March 2011

GFEP Press Release - "New study warns damage to forests from climate change could cost the planet its major keeper of greenhouse gases", April 2009

Forest Research in Policy Making, May 2007
Scientific Congress Examines Role of Forests in Rural Development, August 2007