7.03.05 - Ecology and management of bark and wood boring insects


Martin Schroeder, Sweden


Juan C. Corley, Argentina

Diana L. Six, United States

State of Knowledge

The 7.03.05 Working Party focuses on bark and wood boring insects that infest a wide variety of conifer and hardwood tree species. These insects are important agents of disturbance in wildland and urban forests worldwide. The goal of this Working Party is to increase and advance knowledge on the both the ecology and management of these insect species, many of which are known to be cross-continent exotic invaders.  We stimulate communication and co-operation among scientists, forest managers, and students world-wide. The Working Party provides opportunities to integrate across scientific disciplines, and connections with other IUFRO Working Parties are a priority. Meetings are held every 1-2 years. People interested in the Working Party should contact the Coordinators.

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Joint meeting of IUFRO WP 7.03.05 and WP 7.03.10 Thessaloniki, Greece

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