8.02.00 - Forest biodiversity


Anne Oxbrough, United Kingdom


Bryan Finegan, Costa Rica

Kamal Gandhi, United States

About Unit

Forest biodiversity represents the variety of life associated with forested environments. Our primary concern is with the maintenance of the variety of forest cover types (tree species composition), and their different stages of development, as habitat for forest-dependant species.

Our aim is to understand the role of forests in biodiversity conservation and to promote awareness of the ecological value of forests as habitat. These interests include the important link with the impacts of silviculture and forest harvesting practices on forest habitat, its maintenance, conservation, and restoration.

Certain stages of forest development are at particular risk. For instance, the demand for wood supply, and as a consequence, the shortening of harvest rotation ages, places special pressure on old-growth stages of development. Therefore, old-growth forests are of special concern with respect to forest biodiversity conservation because these forest types, the habitat they represent, and their associated species are at risk, globally.

State of Knowledge

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