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IUFRO Structure and Officeholders

The latest update on IUFRO Structure and Officeholders is now available!

Download the document - Status: March 2014

This issue gives you the latest update on the IUFRO structure and includes the contact details of all IUFRO officeholders.

As this information is subject to changes we will update this electronic version regularly for you.

If you experience difficulties in downloading the document or have any updates for us, please contact the IUFRO Secretariat at office(at)iufro.org.

Senior Officeholders

  • President: Niels Elers Koch, Denmark
  • Vice-President responsible for Divisions: Mike W. Wingfield, South Africa
  • Vice-President responsible for Task Forces, Special Programmes, Projects and IUFRO-led Initiatives: Su See Lee, Malaysia
  • Immediate Past President: Don K. Lee, Korea (Rep)
  • Executive Director: Alexander Buck, Austria

Division Coordinators

  • Division 1: Björn Hånell, Sweden
  • Division 2: Yousry El-Kassaby, Canada
  • Division 3: Hans Rudolf Heinimann, Switzerland
  • Division 4: Margarida Tomé, Portugal
  • Division 5: Andrew Wong, Malaysia
  • Division 6: Tuija Sievänen, Finland
  • Division 7: Eckehard Brockerhoff, New Zealand
  • Division 8: Jean-Michel Carnus, France
  • Division 9: Daniela Kleinschmit, Sweden/Germany

President's Nominees

  • José Campos, Costa Rica
  • Ben Chikamai, Kenya
  • Elena Kulikova, Russia
  • Shirong Liu, China
  • Ulrike Pröbstl, Austria

Task Force Coordinators

  • International Forest Governance: Benjamin (Ben) Cashore, United States
  • Resources for the Future: John Innes, Canada
  • Forest and Water Interactions: Tony Simons, Kenya
  • Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services: Bryan Finegan, Costa Rica
  • Forest Bioenergy: Rolf Björheden, Sweden
  • Forests and Climate Change: vacant
  • Forests for People: Ulrike Pröbstl, Austria
  • Education in Forest Science: Piotr Paschalis-Jakubowicz, Poland
  • Forests and Human Health: Hannu Raitio, Finland

Development Officer

  • Jan Heino, Finland

Special Programmes and Projects Coordinators

  • Special Programme for Developing Countries: Michael Kleine, Austria
  • SilvaVoc Terminology Project: Renate Prüller, Austria
  • Special Project on World Forests, Society and Environment: Gerardo Mery, Finland

Global Forest Information Service - GFIS (IUFRO-led CPF initiative)

  • Coordinator: Eero Mikkola, Finland

Global Forest Expert Panels - GFEP (IUFRO-led CPF initiative)

  • Coordinator: Christoph Wildburger, Austria