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Climate Change Impacts on European Forests and Response Options

Participants of the Think Tank Meeting in 2021 (non-exhaustive, some participants already left). Photo by IUFRO.

Read a summary of the 1st Think Tank held as part of the IUFRO-MONDI Partnership addressing climate change impacts on forests in the Pan-European region and response options for the forest-based sector.

The IUFRO-Mondi Partnership established in 2021 aims to establish a science-business platform to better understand climate change impacts and to identify response measures in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Central activities of the partnership include Think Tank meetings aiming to provide information on and access to the latest data on climate change and to identify options for response measures to mitigate risks.

Latest research shows that the Pan-European region will face further and increasingly rapid and widespread climate change, significantly impacting forests and the entire forest sector alike. Projections of climate change scenarios show that heat and drought extremes will cause increased risk of disturbances, including widespread bark-beetle outbreaks and forest fires. The first Think Tank elaborated on these aspects along with other key impacts likely from climate change.

Find out about the most important results and key messages of the meeting:

Learn more about the IUFRO-Mondi Partnership:

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