The IUFRO-Mondi Partnership

The IUFRO-MONDI PARTNERSHIP is a Science - Business Platform that aims to better understand climate change impacts and to identify response measures in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Mondi and IUFRO share the common goal to accelerate the implementation of the global United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 

Through this partnership, and particularly at a pan-European level, we are aiming to:

  1. better understand climate change impacts and challenges on and for forests and the forest-based industry. 
  2. identify response measures in line with maximum contribution to the SDGs, in particular to climate change mitigation and adaptation, people’s livelihood and biodiversity conservation.
  3. serve as catalysts for widespread collaboration and partnership between the private sector and research.

The scope of the partnership is global by nature with a pan-European focus.

Activities/outcomes in the reporting period:

  • Think Tank Meetings will provide information on and access to latest (and synthesized) information on climate change and SDGs and identify options for response measures. Outcomes and key findings of Think Tank Meetings will be published in summary documents.
  • Stakeholder Dialogues will share and discuss findings of studies and Think Tank meetings, engage partners and public, private and civil society stakeholders and aim to identify pathways and options for the way forward.
  • Scientific Studies will deepen the understanding of climate change impacts on forests and the forest-based industry and potential trade-offs of response measures between SDGs.
  • Workshops, seminars and fieldtrips aim to provide opportunities for training and mutual learning among young scientists and business professionals.
  • Regular communication aspires to inform and engage other partners and stakeholders.

2nd IUFRO-Mondi Think Tank Meeting

3 November 2022; Vienna, Austria

Forests and the forest-based industry in a volatile world.
What are appropriate response measures to address future and diverse demands on forests?

The IUFRO-Mondi Partnership held its 2nd Think Tank Meeting in Vienna, Austria, on 3 November 2022. More than 20 participants representing science, forest industry and policy followed the invitation to identify, discuss and articulate appropriate response measures at various levels.

To learn more, please see the summary of the event.

In addition, watch a short video about the event:

IUFRO-Mondi Stakeholder Dialogue

9-10 June 2022; Vienna, Austria

The IUFRO-Mondi Partnership hosted a meeting for forest stakeholders representing Pan-Europe In June 2022. 24 participants engaged in a half day workshop, followed by an excursion the following day.

The various stakeholders were given a brief summary of the scientific basis of the partnership, as well as the previous meeting (Think Tank Meeting 2021) to set the stage for a discussion on the many perspectives of the stakeholders and potential future pathways for maintaining the integrity of European forests amidst the increasing pressure of climate change and demands for forest products.

To learn more, please see the Moderator’s Summary of the meeting, as well as the agenda and excursion information.

1st IUFRO-Mondi Think Tank Meeting

21 October 2021; Vienna, Austria

As part of the IUFRO-MONDI Partnership, the 1st Think Tank Meeting was held in Vienna, Austria, on the 21st of October 2021 with 27 participants from 12 countries, representing science and forest industry.

The goal of the meeting was to provide an improved understanding between science and industry on the impacts of climate change on forests. It also focused on the most critical response options for silvicultural management and along the forest value chain and relevant socio-political frameworks and societal perceptions.

To learn more, read the summary document of this meeting.