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4.00.00 - Forest Assessment, Modelling and Management



Division 4 Newsletter - February 2021

This latest issue of the newsletter continues to report on recent and planned activities in Division 4, the accomplishments of our members, and introduces more of our officers.

Read the February 2021 issue at: Newsletter 3, February 2021

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Donald Hodges, United States


Bianca Eskelson, Canada

Temesgen Hailemariam, United States

Arne Pommerening, Sweden

About Unit

This Division includes: studies of growth and yield (including mensuration); forest resource inventory (collection and analysis of resource data); forest management planning and managerial economics; remote sensing; management sciences of forest enterprises; statistical methods, mathematics and computer technology.

Activities and events Unit 4.00.00

Upcoming 3 events

2022-09-27Webinar Series "Forest Mensuration and Modelling Chats": Growth and yield modeling of fast-grown intensively-managed forest plantations in Chile: A long term collaborative research effortonline
10th International Symposium Forest and Sustainable DevelopmentBrasov, Romania
2022-10-24Webinar series "Forest Mensuration and Modelling Chats": "Effects of multicollinearity in model-based inference"online

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