IUFRO entered a Memorandum of Understanding with XPRIZE in July 2021. IUFRO and XPRIZE share common goals that include striving for quality and impact of research activities and outputs. Our collaboration enhances the exchange of technical expertise and fosters innovation through prize competitions, particularly the Rainforest XPRIZE, and future competitions related to forests, conservation, and climate change or which stem from the Future of Forests Impact Roadmap.

IUFRO contributed to the development of XPRIZE Future of Forests Impact Roadmap through participation in a Forest lab (workshop) in Crested Butte, Colorado, USA, on 1-3 October 2018, discussing the social, technological, economic, environmental, and political breakthroughs necessary to achieve a more sustainable future of forests.

Focal point from IUFRO: Janice Burns, burns(at)iufro.org

Joint activities:
XPRIZE Rainforest Competition, 2019-2024: XPRIZE Rainforest | XPRIZE Foundation
XPRIZE Booth at XXV IUFRO World Congress in Curitiba, Brazil, 2019: https://iufro2019.com/exhibition/ 
Future of Forests Impact Roadmap: https://impactmaps.xprize.org/forests


Rainforest XPRIZE (video 2m26s): https://youtu.be/mEYHUEGNgXk
Future of Forests Impact Roadmap (video 2m35s): https://youtu.be/RCbcVQidaDs


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