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125 Years of IUFRO - Anniversary Congress

125 Years of IUFRO
Freiburg, Germany
18-22 September 2017

Twitter:, #IUFRO2017

Key dates

  • 4 April 2016: Call for Session Proposals
  • 15 June 2016: Deadline Call for Session Proposals
  • 1 September 2016: Call for Abstracts
  • 15 November 2016: Deadline Call for Abstracts
  • 22 March 2017: Start Online Registration
  • 1 June 2017: Deadline Early Registration
  • 18-22 September 2017: 125th Anniversary Congress 2017

Key Figures

  • 183 individual sessions;
  • 1879 scientific presentations (1427 oral and 452 poster presentations);
  • The roughly 2000 registered participants came from 89 different countries from all continents;
  • Almost 40% of participants were women.        

In the Media

Videos and Livestreams

Video Interviews with Congress Participants

Interviews about the Congress as a unique platform of knowledge exchange, about the relevance of IUFRO today and in future, and about trends and needs in the wide spectrum of forest-related science

  1. Mike Wingfield, IUFRO President (University of Pretoria, South Africa), interviewed by Sophie Schoenaich-Carolath (Die Kuppel, Germany)

  2. Andrew Liebhold, Chair of the Anniversary Congress Scientific Committee (Forest Service, USA), interviewed by Konstantin von Teuffel, Chair of Anniversary Congress Organizing Committee (FVA Baden-Württemberg, Germany)

  3. Alexander Buck, IUFRO Executive Director (IUFRO, Austria), interviewed by Sophie Schoenaich-Carolath (Die Kuppel, Germany)

  4. Paolo Cerutti, forest scientist (CIFOR, Italy), interviewed by Daniela Kleinschmit, Congress Organizing Committee (University of Freiburg, Germany)

  5. Andreas Rigling, Congress Organizing Committee (WSL, Switzerland), interviewed by Peter Mayer, Congress Organizing Committee (BFW, Austria)

  6. Salina Abraham, IFSA President (International Forestry Students’ Association, Netherlands), interviewed by Sophie Schoenaich-Carolath (Die Kuppel, Germany)

  7. Jean-Luc Peyron, Congress Organizing Committee (Public Interest Group GIP on Forest Ecosystems, France) interviewed by Erwin Dreyer, Congress Organizing Committee (INRA, Fance)

  8. Christoph Hartebrodt, forest scientist (FVA Baden-Württemberg, Germany), interviewed by Sophie Schoenaich-Carolath (Die Kuppel, Germany)

Interviews with Division Coordinators

  • Division 3 - Woodam Chung: On Forest Operations Engineering and ManagementPDF for download 
  • Division 4 - Jean-Luc Peyron: On Forest Assessment, Modelling and ManagementPDF for download 
  • Division 6 - Tuija Sievänen: On Social Aspects of Forests and ForestryPDF for download 
  • Division 7 - Eckehard Brockerhoff: On Forest HealthPDF for download 
  • Division 9 - Daniela Kleinschmit: On Forest Policy and Economics. PDF for download 

Interviews with Keynote Speakers

  • Werner Kurz, Canadian Forest Service (Natural Resources Canada), Canada: Using the forest sector to help mitigate climate change. Blog entry - PDF for download       
  • Robin Chazdon, University of Connecticut, USA: Forest restoration means more than planting trees. Blog entry - PDF for download       
  • Will Steffen, The Australian National University and the Stockholm Resilience Centre, Australia: The Earth System, the Anthropocene and the world's forests. Blog entry - PDF for download         
  • Hojka Kraigher, Slovenian Forestry Institute, Slovenia: Hidden biodiversity and forest dynamics. Blog entry - PDF for download 
  • Arun Agrawal, University of Michigan, USA: The perverse outcomes of incentives for forest conservation. Blog entry - PDF for download