International Year of Forests 2011

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Press Releases

New information on mountain ecosystems highlights need for investment, adaptation and resilience - CPF, 14 December 2011

International partnership calls for increased attention to forest ecosystem-based solutions ahead of Rio+20 Summit - CPF, 21 November 2011

Markets: the key to sustainability - Healthy national and international markets are essential for sustaining forests - CPF, 16 November 2011

International scientific experts confirm key role of forests for overcoming fossil fuel
dependence and mitigating climate change, but call for balanced approaches
- IUFRO, COST, ESF and BFW, 14 November 2011

Energy grows on trees: Global forest institutions highlight vital role of forests to cope with future demands for bioenergy, but call for balanced approaches - CPF, 7 November 2011

Forests, potential solution in the fight against hunger - CPF, 26 October 2011

As world goes urban, new focus on role of trees in cities - CPF, 3 October 2011

Ecotourism can play a vital role in maintaining healthy forests - CPF, 28 September 2011

Better landscape management needed to prevent forest fires - CPF, 9 September 2011

Increased forest threat from extreme weather - Improved forest management needed – CPF, 9 August 2011

Including indigenous peoples and traditional knowledge in forest management key to REDD+ success – CPF, 9 August 2011

International institutions call for increased investments for the arid zone forests - CPF, 17 June 2011

Trees and Landscape Restoration Can Help Deliver a 'Triple Win' - CPF, 23 May 2011

New web-based implementation tool to support forest protection and sustainable use - CPF, 20 May 2011.
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Forests are a path to sustainable development - CPF, 13 May 2011

Global forestry institutions call for more community‐based forest management - CPF, 22 April 2011

World Health Day 2011: Forests Provide Untapped Resources for Human Health - CPF, 6 April 2011

Forests are key for high quality water supply - CPF, 18 March 2011

Climate change highlights need for women to take greater role in forest management, experts say ahead of International Women's Day - CPF, 1 March 2011

Wegweisend für die internationale Waldwissenschaft - IUFRO, 21 February 2011

Community-based forest management key to success of REDD+ - CPF, 4 February 2011

Water security depends on forests and wetlands - CBD, 2 February 2011


GFEP Assessment Report – IUFRO World Series 28

The Global Panel of Forest Experts releases assessment report and policy brief about international efforts to improve forest governance. Both documents will be launched officially at UNFF9.

"Embracing Complexity: Meeting the Challenges of International Forest Governance"
- GFEP assessment report published as IUFRO World Series 28 -

A new study assessing international efforts to improve forest governance was issued together with a policy brief on 24 January 2011 by the Global Forest Expert Panel on International Forest Regime. It suggests among other things that global efforts have too often ignored local needs and failed to address the fact that deforestation is usually caused by economic pressures from outside the forests. The detailed results of the work of the expert panel, which was constituted under the Collaborative Partnership on Forests and coordinated by IUFRO, will be presented to the Ninth Session of the United Nations Forum on Forests (UNFF) on 31 January 2011 as part of the launch of the International Year of Forests.

Report and policy brief available at:

Press release available at:


Other Activities

International Forest Shorts Film Competition Call for Entry
: Mensch Wald, Germany's official UN International Year of Forests campaign, has launched with an exciting contest that invites every filmmaker - in every country - to enter a short film about how the forest inspires them. Three finalists will win a fantastic set of prizes. Visit to upload your film. Or go to to view the full campaign and contest terms and conditions.