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Policy Briefs


Making European Forests Work for People and Nature

World Forests, Society and Environment (WFSE) – a Special Project of the International Union of Forest Research Organizations – produced in 2005, together with nine partners across the world, the policy brief Forests for the New Millennium – Making Forests Work for People and Nature. In that publication, key global policy issues were highlighted and policy recommendations provided. IUFRO-WFSE then started to produce regional policy briefs.

This policy brief is the result of scientific collaboration between IUFRO-WFSE and three of its European partners: European Forest Institute (EFI), Finnish Forest Research Institute (Metla), and the Institute for World Forestry (BFH-HU). The main purpose of this publication is to identify critical forest policy issues in Europe and to present research-based opinions on possible solutions. Its focus is on a few specific topics relevant to forest governance that the authors believe to be crucial for a more efficient and responsive policy-making in relation to present increasing societal, economic and environmental pressures on the sustainable use and conservation of forest resources in Europe.


  • Heidi Vanhanen
  • Ewald Rametsteiner
  • Gerardo Mery
  • Martin Lorenz
  • Ilpo Tikkanen
  • Anne Toppinen
  • Leena Paavilainen and Robert Flies

ISBN 978-952-5453-20-1

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