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Research Series


Research Series 6 - Forests and Landscapes: Linking Ecology, Sustainability and Aesthetics

With concepts presented from foresters, ecologists, landscape architects, psychologists and philosophers, this neatly presented book is the first to fully investigate this subject.

Edited by S R J Sheppard and H W Harshaw, Department of Forest Resources Management, University of British Columbia, Canada; Publication Date: December 2000; Number of Pages: 304 Pages; Binding: Hardback

ISBN: 0851995004

Price: £49.95 (US$90.00) (IUFRO member organizations are entitled to a 25% discount provided that with their order they point out that they are members of IUFRO.)

Available from CABI-Publishing

Forests are an important component in the visual appeal of landscapes. There is an increasing recognition of the importance of this subject among foresters and environmental scientists. Increasingly, forest resource managers must consider both the aesthetic consequences of timber harvesting operations and management plans and public perceptions of the sustainability of forest eco-system management. This book is the first to address this subject area. It consists of 17 chapters and is divided into six parts. It brings together not only foresters and ecologists, but also landscape architects, psychologists and philosophers. It should therefore attract a wide readership. Contributors are leading research workers in their subjects, from Canada, the USA and UK.