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4.00.00 - Forest Assessment, Modelling and Management


All-Division 1 & 4 Online Discussion Conference

Close-To-Nature Silviculture: Experiments and Modelling for Forestry Practice
online, 7-9 February 2023.
Units involved: 1.00.00, 4.00.00 and all Research Groups and Working Parties

The purpose of this conference is to showcase and discuss the concept, science and practice of close-to-nature silviculture, focusing mainly on experiments and modelling for forestry practice:

  1. Close-to-nature silviculture is often defined by what it is not or, rather, as a contrast to classical or conventional silviculture. What do we really mean with these terms?
  2. Which type of experiments, experimental designs and forest modelling approaches are relevant to contrast classical, conventional, close-to-nature silviculture or other management principles?
  3. Can we rely on inventory data when modelling the effects or outcome of these comprehensive approaches to forest management, or do we have to wait for long-term experiments to mature?
  4. Is close-to-nature silviculture the solution to climate-change adaptation?

Details:  Poster - Flyer - 2nd Call - Programme


Division 4 Newsletter - February 2021

This latest issue of the newsletter continues to report on recent and planned activities in Division 4, the accomplishments of our members, and introduces more of our officers.

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IUFRO Division 4 has published the inaugural issue of its newsletter!

Four issues will be published annually to keep everyone updated on Research Group and Working Party activities – as well as IUFRO-wide news of the Division 4. The newsletter also will provide information on upcoming meetings, pertinent special issues, and job opportunities for professionals and graduate students. This should keep everyone connected throughout the year and encourage more communication and collaboration between Division 4 units.

Read the newsletter at: Newsletter 1, August 2020