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8.01.01 - Old growth forests and forest reserves


Temperate and boreal primeval forests in the face of global change

Lviv, Western Ukraine; 2-4 September 2019; Units involved: 1.01.07, 8.01.01.

The goal of this conference is to bring together the global community of scientists working on the ecology and dynamics of temperate and boreal primeval forests, and their interaction with local people. The participants are offered the opportunity to present their current research and to discuss how global change might affect temperate and boreal primeval forests. Apart from contributions on primeval forests, we also welcome those dealing with formerly managed forests which are protected as forest reserves and on the pathway to become primeval forests again. We also encourage to submit contributions dealing with effects of the surrounding forests on primeval forests and their relation to societal needs. Ukraine is a particularly suitable place for this conference since it still harbors large primeval forest remnants.