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9.03.00 - Forest history and traditional knowledge



Three online events of 9.03.00 coming up!

  • Rewilding the Mind - Rewilding the Body: An inclusive approach to re-establishing contacts with nature; online; 4, 12 and 18 November 2021. Conference homepage    

  • Historical Landscape Ecology – Challenges for the Twenty-first Century; online; 9 November 2021, 10 am to 5 pm (UK Wintertime); Conference homepage - 1st announcement  

  • Rewilding the Soil - Regenerating and Re-naturing the land and the soil: issues, implications and solutions; online 16, 21 and 22 September 2021. Conference homepage 
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Ian Rotherham, United Kingdom


Monica Gabay, Argentina

Stephen Wyatt, Canada

State of Knowledge

Man, forestry, and forest landscapes. Trends and perspectives in the evolution of forestry and woodland history research.
Mauro Agnoletti. Schweiz. Z. Forstwes. 157 (2006) 9: 384 –392