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The Rise and Fall of Countryside Management. A Historical Account

This new publication by Ian D. Rotherham provides a critical overview of the history and importance of countryside management, detailing the achievements of a largely forgotten sector and highlighting its pivotal yet often underappreciated role in the wellbeing of people and communities. It serves as a challenge to students, planners, politicians, conservationists, environmentalists, and land managers, in a diversity of disciplines that work with or have interests in countryside, leisure and tourism, community issues, education, and nature conservation. Details at http://bit.ly/1Lnjm9D

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Ian Rotherham, United Kingdom


Monica Gabay, Argentina

Stephen Wyatt, Canada

State of Knowledge

Man, forestry, and forest landscapes. Trends and perspectives in the evolution of forestry and woodland history research.
Mauro Agnoletti. Schweiz. Z. Forstwes. 157 (2006) 9: 384 –392

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