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IUFRO World Congress 2005

Pre-Congress Training Courses

A pre-Congress training event was organized at the Gympie Conference Centre, north of Brisbane, from 2-5 August 2005 and included the following courses:

    • The Use of Information and Communication Technology Tools in Forest Research
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  • International Forest Related Initiatives and Agreements and their Implementation in the Context of National Forest Programmes - Linking Research and Science with Practice
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  • Communicating Forest Research - Making Science Work for Policy and Management
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  • Sustainable Forest Management Criteria and Indicators - Their Enhancement Through Science
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The training courses broadly focussed on knowledge and skills that are required for scientists to interact with other forest stakeholders and the society at large. In two courses the participants learned about modern information and communication technology tools and skills enabling them to better access relevant information, disseminate their research results, and effectively participate in and manage communication processes with stakeholders. The course on forest policy discussed the implementation of international agreements within the framework of national forest programmes and best practices to improve the interface between science and policy-makers. In the course on sustainable forest management criteria & indicators the participants obtained the latest information about C&I processes and mechanisms at international, national and local levels, learned about scientific tools in support of C&I development and deliberated on the role and needs of science to enhance C&I processes.

In total, fifteen forest organisations and expert institutions assisted in this training event through cash and in-kind contributions. This support included preparation of programme and course material, provision of expertise and course facilitators, and assistance in course implementation.

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