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TF Resilient Planted Forests Serving Society & Bioeconomy

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Calendar of Meetings

Activities planned for the period 2019-2021 and main deliverables are the following :

  • D1 : Science-Society interface
    • D1.1 Organization of New Generation Plantations Encounters combining NGOs, scientists and professionals:
      • D1.1.1.2019 NGP Encounter, Mozambique: focus on plantations societal role;
      • D1.1.2 2020 NGP Encounter, United States: focus on Bio-economy;
      • D1.1.3 2020 NGP Encounter, France : focus on plantation perception
      • D1.1.4 2021 NGP Encounter, Germany : focus on new plantations needs
    • D1.2 : Presentation of the Science to  policy book in Thinkforest event december 2019
    • D1.3 : Preparation of fifth international congress for planted forest in Florida (2023)
  • D2 : Networking activities and events
    • D2.1 : Maintenance of webpage and electronic material presenting the task force
    • D2.2 : Organization of a session in IUFRO world congress Curitiba  October 2019
    • D2.3 : Co-Organization of Multiple purpose forestry Chinese event in October 2020
    • D2.4 : Preparation of a project to facilitate expert exchange on planted forest risk management tools
    • D2.5 : Task Force collaboration with NGP on a joint program, supporting publications, targeting priority gap areas needing further information and/or better communication.
    • D2.6: Reforestation challenge international congress in 2021
    • D2.7 : International poplar commission and other fast growing trees sustaining people and the environment session October 2020
  • D3 : Publications
    • D3.1 : Publication of special issue dedicated to planted forests potential and impacts in Europe in Science to Policy EFI series  in December 2019
    • D3.2 : Publication of a chapter in the book on sustainable management of temperate and boreal forest in November 2019
    • D3.3 : First announcement of ICPF 2023 in summer 2021
    • D3.4 : Other scientific papers and/or proceedings based on events presentations will be produced in 2020
  • Long term plan (Activities for the period 2021-2023)
    The task force will facilitate the organization of the 5th international congress on planted forest (ICPF) to be held in the USA in 2023.

Past meetings and events

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