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IUFRO Spotlight #45 - If you're 'remotely' interested in monitoring biodiversity…

Publication of a new sourcebook in response to the need for better information on how remote sensing data can support biodiversity monitoring in tropical forests.

More than 70 authors, several of them from the IUFRO community, contributed to this sourcebook that is targeted at project managers, academic institutions, NGOs, students and researchers, among others, with a background in remote sensing.

The emphasis is on tropical forests where deforestation remains high, largely because of dependence on land-based economic activities such as palm oil production or small scale slash and burn farming and also from continuing pressure from industrial crops.

This publication aims to allow forest managers and other interested stakeholders to find information on how remote sensing techniques can support the development of relevant essential biodiversity variables (EBVs) for tropical forest management. 

The publication – A Sourcebook of Methods and Procedures for Monitoring Essential Biodiversity Variables in Tropical Forests with Remote Sensing – is available at no cost at the websites of: 
GOFC-GOLD Land Cover (http://www.gofcgold.wur.nl/sites/gofcgold-geobon_biodiversitysourcebook.php) and
GEO BON (http://geobon.org/

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