IUFRO News Vol. 35, Issue 10, December 2006

This issue offers reports on knowledge management and communication in forest-related fields and has a special focus on the II IUFROLAT Congress.

The latest issue of IUFRO News informs about new ways in knowledge management and communication in forestry and forest-related fields.  It also focusses on the 2nd Latin American IUFRO Congress and the IUFRO-SPDC/CATIE pre-congress training workshop.  In addition, there are reports from the Oak 2006 Conference and the 22nd Meeting for Specialists in Air Pollution Effect on Forest Ecosystems, both held in the U.S.

Learn about Erasmus Scholarships and the Schweighofer Prize 2007 and check the list of upcoming IUFRO and non-IUFRO meetings! 

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