Occasional Paper No. 33 - Forest Landscape Restoration Implementation: Lessons learned from selected landscapes in Africa, Asia and Latin America

A publication prepared by contributors to the "FLR Snapshot Scientific Analysis Project" led by the IUFRO Special Programme for Development of Capacities (IUFRO-SPDC).

The need for large-scale forest landscape restoration has been increasingly recognised, with significant political support globally and locally. Considerable effort has been devoted globally to promote forest landscape restoration (FLR) and its potential to provide desired benefits to nature, climate and society; however, thus far, there is limited evidence that progress has been made on the ground in restoring specific local landscapes. In order to fill this gap, IUFRO with support from the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety undertook an analysis of FLR implementation in Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

An IUFRO team set out to enhance understanding of the ecological, social and economic dimensions of FLR, as well as the underlying challenges involved. A total of 17 landscapes in nine countries with Bonn Challenge commitments (Bangladesh, Brazil, Ethiopia, Ghana, Guatemala, India, Madagascar, Mongolia and Peru) were analysed as "snapshots" of FLR implementation. Local teams collected data and interviewed people on-site. The analysis revealed 60 specific lessons learned, which were distilled into the ten overarching lessons that are presented in this publication.

The publication attempts to link lessons learned from the analysis to progress made in achieving the Bonn Challenge goals. It suggests possible ways forward for global processes addressing the problems of deforestation and land degradation and concludes with a view on the outlook and implications for global FLR-related processes such as the Bonn Challenge.

Coordinating Lead Authors
John A. Stanturf, Stephanie Mansourian, András Darabant, Michael Kleine, Promode Kant, Janice Burns

Lead Authors
Agena Anjulo, Nyam-Osor Batkhuu, Joice Ferreira, Ernest Foli, Alex Guerra, Md. Danesh Miah, Patrick Ranjatson, César Sabogal

Contributing Researchers
S. D. Addo-Danso, Saidulu Badugu, Silvio Brienza, Param Vir Chandel, Subhash Chander, Subhash Chandra,
Brayan Cujcuj, Abayneh Derero, Oscar González, Benjamín Gutierrez, R. T. Guuroh, Md. Akhter Hossain,
Marco Aurelio Juárez, Roberto Kometter, Jayaswal Lokesh, Francisco Leonel López, Cassio Pereira, Kushagra Rajendra,
Renaud Randrianasolo, Ny Tolotra Razafimbelo, M. Chiranjeeva Reddy, G. Chandra Sekhar Reddy, Deep Shikha Sharma,
Gerelbaatar Sukhbaatar, Sanjeev K. Thakur, Paulo Amador Tavares, Vindhya P. Tewari, Raj K. Verma

Published in February 2020 as
IUFRO Occasional Paper 33
ISSN 1024-414X
ISBN 978-3-903345-03-4

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