IUFRO News Vol. 50, Issue 3, early April 2021

Read an interview about the role of gender in forestry, find out what happened on World Wood Day, get updated on recent webinars and online conferences, and learn about new publications, upcoming events and more…

IUFRO addresses "Gender equality in forestry" through a Task Force and through dedicated Units of its Division 6 "Social Aspects of Forests and Forestry" with the aim to increase the attention, knowledge and engagement in gender and forestry as a field of research. Read an interview with Dr Purabi BOSE, a researcher and filmmaker of Landing Together Films, India, Associate Professor Gun LIDESTAV, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences and Dr Alice LUDVIG of the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna, Austria, and find out more.

You may also want to watch the video message delivered by IUFRO President Dr John PARROTTA on the occasion of this year’s World Wood Day on 21 March. Due to the pandemic 2021 WWD was celebrated fully online on the day with the traditional scientific symposium as main activity. The physical activities like folk art workshops, woodcarving shows, music performances, tree planting and others will be spread all over the year and woodturning will be spread over the entire year and presented via social media.

A number of interesting webinars and online conferences were successfully held, including webinar series on tree mortality and on forest roads and a meeting on forest genetic monitoring, among others. Also, IUFRO Member Organizations shared information on recent activities related to oak research, for example. And, as always, the issue is rounded off with announcements of new publications, positions, awards, future meetings and much more.


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