IUFRO News Vol. 50, Double Issue 11/12, December 2021

Do you know the IUFRO Special Project on World Forests, Society and Environment? Have you heard about the new FLR learning modules? Are you interested in recent and forthcoming forest research conferences, webinars, publications? Read here…

In an interview Dr. Pia Katila, Coordinator of IUFRO's Special Project on World Forests, Society and Environment (IUFRO-WFSE), informs about the development and aims of the Project, recent highlights and achievements and a major publication to be launched in 2022.

Released as a contribution to the 2021–2030 UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration, new learning modules developed by ITTO and IUFRO have been crafted to raise awareness among the next generation of professionals and policy- and decision-makers of the vital role that FLR will play in restoring degraded landscapes.

The theme of the 3rd IUFRO Acacia Conference "Embracing Transformation for Sustainable Management of Industrial Forest Plantation" addressed the application of technology and innovation in upstream and downstream R&D.

Also read about the annual conference of IUFRO Research Group (RG) 4.05.00 Managerial Economics and Accounting and its Working Parties (WP). Participants did not only discuss managerial, social and environmental aspects of the forest-based sector for sustainable development, but also celebrated the Groups 40th anniversary.

Find more reports from meetings, announcements of awards, publications, positions, events and more!


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