IUFRO News Vol. 52, Issue 7/8, early September 2023

Read about "The Forest Treasure Chest - Delivering Outcomes for Everyone", find meeting reports on agroforestry systems, forest plantations, and other topics, get updates on latest publications and upcoming events,…

From 4 to 8 June 2023, the IUFRO all-Division 5 conference took place in Cairns, Australia. The conference titled "The Forest Treasure Chest - Delivering Outcomes for Everyone" focused on improving sustainable trade in timber and forestry, adapting forests to climate change, and cooperation between regional forestry and indigenous communities. Learn more about the IUFRO Forest Products Division and the conference and read statements by participants.

The online conference "Agroforestry Systems in the World: Differences and Similarities" hosted by the University of Évora, Portugal on 26-27 July 2023, analyzed and discussed the concepts, products and their ranking, the species and the stand structure, the management options, the modelling, and the practice of agroforestry systems.

The Congress on 23-25 May in Piracicaba, São Paulo, Brazil was hosted and supported by IPEF, ABTCP, IBÁ, and IUFRO 1.02.01. Participants concluded that the forest plantation sector has a great potential to grow and improve with the advancement of new technologies based on artificial intelligence, modeling, and innovative processes.

Do not miss the announcements section with information about the IUFRO World Congress, the Global Competition on Best Practices in Forest Education 2.0, the new Wood for Globe project, and much more…!


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