IUFRO News Vol. 53, Issue 2/3, March 2024

In line with the theme of the 2024 International Day of Forests, this issue places its focus on forests and innovation. Innovation will be key at the IUFRO World Congress and is highlighted in a new study on Europe's wood supply.

Innovation will be a cross-cutting topic at the forthcoming IUFRO World Congress, encompassing all types of innovation, not only the development of new forest products or the use of novel technological and digital tools, but also innovative forest education, new business models, policy innovations, institutional and social innovations. At the same time, emphasis will be placed on weaving the traditional knowledge into modern science perspectives.

A new publication highlights forests in Europe and how they are strongly affected by climate change, with far-reaching consequences for forest health and ecosystem services including the supply of wood. It is titled "Europe's wood supply in disruptive times" and analyses this and other factors that have a negative effect on wood supply. Technological and digital innovation are among the response options offered.

This issue brings a range of reports and videos from meetings and activities that address innovation in education, extension and knowledge exchange, forest mensuration and modelling, and tree pathogen management, for example. Also listen to the fifth episode of Branching out: the forest podcast on forests for sustainable societies!


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