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IUFRO Spotlight #25 – Mixed Species Growth Predictions

A recent study indicates that mixed species growth predictions can be made easier by considering changes over space and time in species interactions.

This Spotlight issue presents a study entitled "The spatial and temporal dynamics of species interactions in mixed-species: From pattern to process". The author of the study is Dr. David Forrester, Chair of Silviculture, Faculty of Environment and Natural Resources, Freiburg University, Germany.

The study shows the different spatial and temporal patterns that have been observed and provides explanations about the processes involved. It is now being used as a framework to test process-based growth models that could be used as a tool by foresters and policy makers.

Since tree species mixtures are regarded as one of the most important approaches to reduce the risks to forests posed by global change, the study’s conclusions will be of interest to forest managers or policy makers using mixed-species forests or plantations.

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