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IUFRO Spotlight #34 – Investigating Potential and Risks in Biomass

IUFRO's Sustainable Forest Biomass Network Task Force sets out to explore the potentials and risks of further development of biomass – specifically biomass from forests – with special emphasis on climate change aspects.

Renewable resources are critical to the sustainable future of our planet. That means biomass is being looked on, in many ways, as a potential game-changer.

Biomass is also a key element of global attempts to mitigate climate change. Since the last IPCC report it became clear that the 2°C target requires more active carbon sequestration strategies (such as negative emissions, or bioenergy with carbon storage), that can be realized by utilizing biomass with a subsequent long-term storage of carbon (e.g. in final products).

In this context, the IUFRO Task Force objective is to build on this success and initiate a global network of forest experts in the field of forest biomass in order to share state-of the art knowledge and expertise across scientific disciplines including natural science as well as social science and policy.

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