Policy Briefs


A Decade of REDD+: Stakeholder Perceptions of its Implementation

Back-to-back with the GFEP report "Forest, Climate, Biodiversity and People: Assessing a Decade of REDD+", stakeholder consultations were carried out in Asia and Latin America.

These consultations helped to identify a number of factors that, from the point of view of the stakeholders, need to be improved in future REDD+ activities. The present publication synthesises the responses and comments from the nearly 200 stakeholders interviewed that provided their opinion on REDD+ implementation on the ground. Their opinions refer to:

  • Major social factors to be addressed
  • Major economic factors to be addressed
  • Major environmental factors to be addressed
  • Major governance factors to be addressed
  • How could GFEP’s report on REDD+ contribute to policymaking
  • How would stakeholders use GFEP’s report on REDD+

Despite the intrinsic differences between both regions, the factors that need to be improved (according to the stakeholders interviewed), are similar.


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