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Occasional Paper 21 - Adaptations of Forests to Climate Change: A Multidisciplinary Review

The paper combines the physical science review with discussion of economic and social impacts.

Forests around the world are widely expected to face significant pressures from climate change over the coming century. Although the magnitudes of the projected temperature rises and precipitation changes are still uncertain, modelling based on mean figures shows that ecological, economic and social disruptions are likely. Ecological effects range from phenological changes and extensions of growing seasons to widespread forest structural changes, species migrations and extinctions. Warmer climates are overall expected to have a positive influence on the wood products industries, although some regions are predicted to benefit more than others and some may be disadvantaged. The social effects of climate change are highly uncertain, and projects to strengthen community resilience and reduce vulnerability are recommended.

Author: Eastaugh, Chris
Published: 2008

ISSN 1024-414X
Copyright by IUFRO

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