Research Series


Research Series 1 - Forest Dynamics in Heavily Polluted Regions

This book includes the report from the IUFRO Task Force on Environmental Change and provides scientists with an up to date assessment of the extent of air pollution impacts in heavily polluted regions.

Report No. 1 of the IUFRO Task Force on Environmental Change

Edited by J L Innes, Forest Resources Management, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada, and J Oleksyn, Polish Academy of Sciences, Institute of Dendrology, Kórnik, Poland.
Publication Date: October 1999; Number of Pages: 256 Pages; Binding: Hardback

ISBN 0 85199 376 1

Price: £ 40; $ 75 (IUFRO member organizations are entitled to a 25% discount provided that with their order they point out that they are members of IUFRO.)

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Air pollution has been recognized as a potential problem for forests for nearly 150 years. Today, sulphur dioxide, fluorides and heavy metals remain a significant problem in some areas, where they are usually associated with large-scale sources in industrial and urban areas. Problems are exacerbated in those regions where there is a poor understanding of the factors involved in forest decline and where no rigorous pollution controls have been implemented.