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World Series Vol. 20-II – Keep Asia Green Vol. II "Northeast Asia"

This second volume of the book provides information about the rehabilitation of degraded forests in the region of Northeast Asia.

Keep Asia Green Volume II "Northeast Asia"

Don Koo Lee (Editor). 2007
Keep Asia Green Volume II "Northeast Asia", IUFRO World Series Vol. 20-II. Vienna. 170 p.

ISSN 3-901347-55-0   ISBN 978-3-901347-76-4

During the second phase of the Keep Asia Green Publication Project forest scientists from countries in Northeast Asia work together to compile state-of-the-art information on the rehabilitation of degraded forests in the region. Because of significant differences in economic development between countries, the objectives of forest rehabilitation in this region vary considerably. While in China, Mongolia and North Korea basic livelihood issues are the main focus of forest rehabilitation, more economically advanced countries such as Japan, Russia and South Korea concentrate on ecosystem management and further improvement of the quality of existing forests, rather than establishing new forests on previously deforested lands. The results of this work have been published as IUFRO World Series Volume 20-II: Keep Asia Green Volume II "Northeast Asia".

More detailed information on the project can be found on the Keep Asia Green webpages.

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