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World Series Vol. 32 - Forests under pressure: Local responses to global issues

This publication offers a comprehensive study of the conditions that assist sustainable forest development.

Forests under pressure: Local responses to global issues.
IUFRO World Series Volume 32. Vienna. 561 p.

Pia Katila, Glenn Galloway, Wil de Jong, Pablo Pacheco, Gerardo Mery (eds.). 2014.

ISBN 978-3-902762-30-6
ISSN 1016-3263

This publication is the third volume produced by the International Union of Forest Research Organizations' Special Project World Forests, Society, and Environment (IUFRO-WFSE). The two previous volumes are: Forests and Society – Responding to Global Drivers of Change (Mery et al. 2010) and Forests in Global Balance: Changing Paradigms (Mery et al. 2005). This volume is divided into four parts. Within each part there are a number of chapters. Part I introduces the overall structure of this volume and provides an introduction to Part II, which consists of local- and regional-level case studies. Part III presents a synthesis of the case studies, drawing on their findings and important processes within individual cases. Part IV is forward-looking and discusses several of the issues and findings from Parts II and III in the context of future outlooks and scenarios. In many parts of the world, forests and forestry are undergoing far-reaching changes. Indeed forests are under pressures that threaten the sustainable provision of forest-based goods and services.

Published by:
International Union of Forest Research Organizations (IUFRO)

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