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Scientific Summary No. 31, 2007

With the increase in forest plantation area in many parts of the world, it becomes more important for planted forests to provide and maintain ecosystem goods and services.

Ecosystem Goods and Services from Planted Forests

The scientific forum on "Ecosystem Goods and Services (EGS) from Planted Forests" was held as a part of the IUFRO-sponsored International Congress "Planted Forests and Sustainable Development" in Bilbao, Spain, from the 3-7 October 2006. 

The meeting focussed on the increasing importance of forest plantations in substituting and complementing the diverse functions provided by natural forests.  Among others, the maintenance and conservation of biodiversity, the storage and sequestration of carbon and the regulation of water flows can be considered as most important.  As there is still a large discrepancy between market values for most EGS and their potential value, new developments and requirements in forest policy and marketing of EGS from plantations were discussed.

Full text (PDF): Ecosystem Goods and Services from Planted Forests

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