Scientific Summaries


Scientific Summary No. 34, 2007

A group of IUFRO Board Members visited Mongolia and discussed opportunities for forest research collaboration with the Mongolian IUFRO Member Institutions.

Exploring Opportunities for Forest Research Collaboration in Mongolia

Two organizations carry out most research related to forests and trees in Mongolia: the Institute of Geoecology of the Mongolian Academy of Sciences, and the Department of Forestry of the Faculty of Biology at the National University of Mongolia. They both have a strong interest in international collaboration and the development of joint research projects and activities and this is why they decided to become members of IUFRO in 2006. As a third member, the Green Gobi Center N.G.O. joined IUFRO in spring 2007.

Possible fields of collaboration outlined by the Mongolian research institutions are: joint research projects; curriculum development of the Forestry Department; guidance on high-quality scientific literature and publications that could be translated into Mongolian language for use as study material; guest professors and lecturers, as well as exchanges of Master’s and PhD students; scientists’ training and support for participation in IUFRO meetings and training courses.

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