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Scientific Summary No. 41, 2008

The conference on "Old Forests, New Management" covered the ecology and silviculture of temperate and boreal old forests, and included insights from large-scale, long-term, multidisciplinary experiments.

The subtitle of the conference was Conservation and use of old-growth forests in the 21st century. Its core was biology, ecology and silviculture, surrounded by presentations on social, historical and regulatory aspects. The two plenary speakers captured the mood of the conference: Professor Jerry Franklin, from the University of Washington, USA, gave an overview of the biological values of old forests, noting how continued disturbance is often needed for their renewal, but also how legacy structures surviving disturbance are vital for developing complexity in the regenerating forest. Professor Jürgen Bauhus from the University of Freiburg, Germany, described the importance of silvicultural systems that develop, maintain and retain old-growth features in stands of various ages across the forested landscape.


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Old Forests, New Management

By Steve Read, Conference Committee Chair, Forestry Tasmania, Australia

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