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Scientific Summary No. 59, 2009

Specific tools of forest and environmental policy and legislation need to be developed and implemented to solve conflicts of interests e.g. between forest utilization and nature conservation.

The 11th International Symposium on "Legal Aspects of European Forest Sustainable Development" held in Zvolen, Slovakia, focused firstly on the development of modern forest legislation and implementation of forest policy tools in different countries with special emphasis on the West Balkan countries, and secondly, on the balance between forestry and nature conservation at public and/or private property level including collisions between regulations in forest laws and environment related legislation. Special attention was devoted to the problems of forest management in protected areas.

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Forest Law Experts Meeting in the Heart of Europe

By Rastislav Sulek, Vice-rector of the Technical University Zvolen, and Peter Herbst, Coordinator of IUFRO 6.13.00 'Forest Law and Environmental Legislation'

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