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Scientific Summary No. 61, 2009

Under the term "new modes of governance", policy makers are striving for more inclusive and legitimate, better integrated but less intrusive policy means of achieving policy goals.

At the 15th International Symposium on Society and Resource Management (ISSRM 2009) which was held July 5-8, 2009 in Vienna, Austria, a tripartite paper section, co-sponsored by IUFRO Group 6.12.02 'Forest Governance', focused on new modes of governance in forest and environmental policy. Governance particularly describes those types of political processes in which non-hierarchical modes of guidance, such as persuasion and negotiation, are employed, and public as well as private actors are engaged in policy formulation and implementation. However, the three sessions did not deal with environmental governance as such but rather focused on specific procedural elements of governance, i.e. participation, multi-level co-ordination, and the role of science and expertise.

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New Modes of Governance in Forest and Environmental Policy: Conceptual Innovations and Empirical Insights

By Karl Hogl (Deputy IUFRO 6.12.02 Forest Governance, InFER/BOKU Vienna), Eva Kvarda, Ralf Nordbeck, InFER/BOKU Vienna; Michael Pregernig, Institute of Forest and Environmental Policy, Freiburg

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