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Scientific Summary No. 84, 2011

Historical ecology is a vibrant and relevant field for interdisciplinary collaboration in studying human impacts on ecosystems and landscapes over time and understanding current day ecosystems and landscapes.

The conference on "Frontiers in Historical Ecology" from August 30 – September 2, 2011, at WSL Birmensdorf, Switzerland discussed four major topics: Relevance of historical information in times of global change; Beyond case studies in historical ecology - the search for general patterns of ecosystem change; Historical ecology and ecosystem modeling; Problems and possibilities on the border between historical ecology and environmental history/archaeology. Throughout the conference it became very obvious that historical ecology is a vibrant and relevant field for interdisciplinary collaboration.


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Save the Forests – Finding and Using Natural Genetic Resistance

By Richard A. Sniezko, Deputy Coordinator IUFRO 2.02.15 Breeding and Genetic Resources of Five-Needle Pines

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