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Scientific Summary 139 in IUFRO News Vol. 45, Double Issue 8/9, mid-September 2016

IUFRO workshop in Canada points at the gap in forest dynamics knowledge regarding the area of range expansion and outbreak dynamics in the context of climate change.

Climate Change Induces Northward Expansion of Forest Pests

The workshop on "Climate induced range shifts in boreal forest pests and their ecological consequences" was organized under the aegis of IUFRO's unit on boreal and alpine forest ecosystems on 11-15 August 2016 in Sept-Îles, Québec, Canada. It gathered a group of 35 researchers from Canada, the US, Sweden and Finland.

The venue was chosen to allow participants to see the spruce budworm in action during field visits, the current severity of the infestation in this part of Canada's boreal forest being likely related to the warming trend that this area has experienced. Several high quality invited presentations also allowed participants to take stock of the issues related to the understanding, control and projection of insect outbreaks in the boreal forest.

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