Scientific Summaries


Scientific Summary 155 in IUFRO News Vol. 48, Double Issue 5/6, late June 2019

The World Conference on "Forests for Public Health" focused on the role of forests and green spaces in improving human health and wellbeing and on the challenges faced by urban and landscape planners in designing adequate green infrastructure.

Forests for Public Health

The Conference, which was held on 8-11 May, 2019 in Athens, Greece, attracted 150 participants from 26 countries and involved the IUFRO Research Group on Forest, trees and human health and wellbeing.

The range of topics discussed included: forest medicine for public health; mental health benefits of exposure to nature; planning physical activities and human recreation in forest/natural environment for public health; urban forests and their ecosystem services for public health; urban forestry and green spaces planning and design for human activity; forest therapy, health policies, practices, economics and culture of forests for public health; and green care on public landscapes for public health.


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