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Scientific Summary 158 in IUFRO News Vol. 48, Double Issue 11/12, December 2019

Participants of the Sixth International Casuarina Workshop strongly suggested to quantify the overall socio-economic and environmental benefits of Casuarina planting to better inform industry and policy.

Green Economy and Environmental Sustainability of Casuarina Plantations

Casuarinas are nitrogen-fixing trees of significant importance in many tropical and subtropical countries of the world. International Casuarina workshops are organized by IUFRO Working Party 2.08.02 at regular intervals. These workshops have fostered a strong network of researchers from many countries. The Sixth International Casuarina Workshop took place on 21-25 October 2019 in Krabi, Thailand with 70 participants from Australia, Bangladesh, China, Fiji, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Thailand, Vietnam and USA.

In line with the theme of the Workshop, "Casuarinas for green economy and environmental sustainability", the discussions during the meeting were focused on assessing the impact of Casuarina planting in meeting the industrial biomass raw material demand and improving edaphic and climatic conditions. In particular, the additional benefits derived thanks to the research and development work carried out so far, and increasing the accessibility of such new findings to all those involved in Casuarina planting were reviewed. 

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