6.07.00 - Urban forestry


New Publication!

Urban Forestry and Arboriculture in Malaysia: An Interdisciplinary Research Perspective.

Sreetheran Maruthaveeran, Wendy Y. Chen and Justin Morgenroth (eds.) - IUFRO Research Group 6.07.00 - Urban forestry

This book represents the latest research on urban forestry in a Malaysian context. It demonstrates that urban forestry is concerned not only with environmental enhancement, but also other aspects, such as recreation, health and well-being, and government policies. This book consists of 21 chapters.

The Table of Contents can be viewed at: https://link.springer.com/book/10.1007/978-981-19-5418-4


CANCELLED: 3rd European i-Tree Conference

After much deliberation, it has been decided to cancel the 3rd European i-Tree Conference, which was scheduled to take place on 18-19 November 2020. Due to the current pandemic, we do not feel it is in the best interests of the delegates and speakers to come together at this time. It is hoped that the conference can be rearranged for 2021, and a decision about the dates and the form this will take will be made by the end of 2020. Thank you for your understanding and we sincerely wish the best of health to you and your loved ones.


Amsterdam, The Netherlands; 18-19 November 2020

Join us at the 3rd European i-Tree Conference, which will be held in the beautiful city of Amsterdam. Come and hear David J. Nowak, PhD (i-Tree programme lead), and Dr Cecil Konijnendijk van den Bosch (Professor of Urban Forestry) talk about the importance of urban forests in light of climate change and how i-Tree can be utilised to help secure funding for green infrastructure. Our other speakers will cover, amongst other topics, how i-Tree has been used to promote urban forests globally, and how communities have been engaged in active forest management. On day 2, we will be hosting an i-Tree workshop, which will be followed by a cruise, during which we will be able to see the beautiful canal-side trees of Amsterdam. We look forward to welcoming you!

Details: https://www.itree-europe.com/


22nd European Forum on Urban Forestry: Urban Forests: full of Energy

22-24 May 2019; Cologne, Germany

The Book of Abstracts is now available from: https://www.iufro.org/publications/proceedings/proceedings-meetings-2019/#c28375


22nd European Forum on Urban Forestry: Urban Forests: full of Energy

22-24 May 2019; Cologne, Germany

Urban forests are vibrant places for multifaceted recreational activities, social gathering and mental restoration, but also provide biomass for an urban bioeconomy. They are full of energy. And so is the venue of this year's conference: the  German Sport University Cologne – the perfect location to explore energetic interactions of trees and human beings. The 22nd European Forum on Urban Forestry will be full of energy. We will focus on the urban forest as: - the healthy forest: sport, wellbeing and human health; - the spiritual forest: culture, religion and art; - the learning forest: research, laboratories and education; and the co-designed forest: diverging interests, governance and urban forest management.



Urban Forestry Congress (IUFC) in autumn 2018

Urban Forestry Congress (IUFC): The Urban Forest – Diverse in Nature;
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada; 30 September – 3 October 2018

The Congress is a unique partnership between Tree Canada's Canadian Urban Forest Conference (CUFC), the Pacific Northwest Chapter of the International Society of Arboriculture’s (PNW-ISA) Annual Training Conference and the Urban Tree Diversity Conference (UTD). It is its to provide a forum for practicing arborists and urban foresters, green space planners and designers, policy makers, researchers and educators to share their unique insights into arboriculture and urban forestry. The power of diversity in urban forestry will be explored; diversity of trees and forests, diversity of people and communities, and diversities of management practices. By learning from one another's' knowledge and experiences, we will all be better able to shape the world’s urban forests. The event will highlight excellent international presenters, as well as talented experts from the Pacific Northwest coast region of North America. We are also looking forward to your contributions!


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