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CONTENTS of the Global Assessment Report:

1 Introduction
Coordinating lead author: Jeremy Rayner
Lead authors: David Humphreys, Frederic Perron Welch, Ravi Prabhu and Patrick Verkooijen

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2 Mapping the core actors and issues defining international forest governance
Coordinating lead author: Constance L. McDermott
Lead authors: David Humphreys, Christoph Wildburger and Peter Wood
Contributing authors: Emmanuel Marfo (African regional instruments), Pablo Pacheco (Latin American regional instruments) and Yurdi Yasmi (Asia-Pacific regional instruments)

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3 Core components of the international forest regime complex
Coordinating lead author: Peter Glück
Lead authors: Arild Angelsen, Marie Appelstrand, Samuel Assembe-Mvondo, Graeme Auld and Karl Hogl
Contributing authors: David Humphreys and Christoph Wildburger

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4 Discourses, actors and instruments in international forest governance
Coordinating lead author: Bas Arts
Lead authors: Marie Appelstrand, Daniela Kleinschmit, Helga Pülzl and Ingrid Visseren-Hamakers
Contributing authors: Richard Eba’a Atyi, Thomas Enters, Kathleen McGinley and Yurdi Yasmi

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5 Forests and sustainability
Coordinating lead author: Deborah Davenport
Lead authors: Janette Bulkan, Reem Hajjar and Patrick Hardcastle
Contributing authors: Samuel Assembe-Mvondo, Richard Eba’a Atyi, David Humphreys and Ahmad Maryudi

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6 Overcoming the challenges to integration: embracing complexity in forest policy design through multi-level governance
Coordinating lead author: Michael Howlett
Lead author: Jeremy Rayner
Contributing authors: Daniela Goehler, Eva Heidbreder, Frederic Perron-Welch, Olivier Rukundo, Patrick Verkooijen and Christoph Wildburger

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7 Examination of the influences of global forest governance arrangements at the domestic level
Coordinating lead authors: Steven Bernstein and Benjamin Cashore
Lead authors: Richard Eba’a Atyi, Ahmad Maryudi and Kathleen McGinley
Contributing authors: Tim Cadman, Lars Gulbrandsen, Daniela Goehler, Karl Hogl, David Humphreys, Shashi Kant, Robert Kozak, Kelly Levin, Constance McDermott, Mark Purdon, Irene Scher, Michael W. Stone, Luca Tacconi and Yurdi Yasmi

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8 Conclusions
Coordinating lead author: Jeremy Rayner
Lead authors: Hans Hoogeveen, Kathleen McNutt and Patrick Verkooijen
Contributing author: Christoph Wildburger

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Appendix 1: Preparatory study for the CPF Expert Panel on the International Forest Regime - Overview of international policy instruments related to forests and their goals and tools
Christoph Wildburger
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Appendix 2: Authors
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Additional material:
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