Forests under pressure – Local responses to global issues


Matti Palo in memoriam


ch1 Introduction
Glenn Galloway, Pia Katila, Wil de Jong, and Pablo Pacheco

ch2 Forests under pressure
Glenn Galloway, Pia Katila, Wil de Jong, and Pablo Pacheco

ch3 Derivation of the analytical framework
Glenn Galloway, Pia Katila, Wil de Jong, and Pablo Pacheco

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ch1 Forest Citizenship in Acre, Brazil
Convening lead author: Marianne Schmink
Contributing authors: Amy Duchelle, Jeffrey Hoelle, Flávia Leite, Marcus Vinício d’Oliveira, Jacqueline Vadjunec, Judson Valentim, and Richard Wallace

ch2 Model Forests in Argentina: Creating place and time for participatory sustainable forest management
Convening lead author: John E. Hall g
Contributing authors: Mónica Gabay, Sean Dolter, and Mercedes Sá

ch3 Current barriers threatening income generation from community-based forest management in the Brazilian Amazon
Convening lead author: Marie-Gabrielle Piketty
Lead authors: Isabel Drigo, Philippe Sablayrolles, Evandro Araujo, Jorge Wagner Pantoja Pena, and Plinio Sist

ch4 New opportunities for small-scale farmers of the Amazon to strengthen hazards resilience while preserving forests − field experiments combined with agent-based modeling
Convening lead author: Pierre Bommel
Lead authors: Marie-Gabrielle Piketty and Plinio Sist
Contributing authors: Amaury Burlamaqui Bendahan and Tienne Barbosa

ch5 Forest regulation flexibility, livelihoods, and community forest management in northern Bolivian Amazon
Convening lead author: Walter Cano Cardona
Lead authors: Mario Zenteno Claros and Anahi Llanque Cordoba

ch6 Challenges and opportunities of sustainable forest management through community forestry concessions in the Maya Biosphere Reserve, Petén, Guatemala
Coordinating lead author: Reginaldo Reyes Rodas
Lead authors: Justine Kent, Tania Ammour, and Juventino Gálvez

ch7 Community-based forest management in Quintana Roo, Mexico
Convening lead authors: Edward A. Ellis and Karen A. Kainer
Lead authors: José Antonio Sierra Huelsz and Patricia Negreros-Castillo
Contributing author: Maria DiGiano

ch8 Achieving excellence in managing community forests: What conditions for success arise from cases in Latin America
Convening lead author: César Sabogal
Contributing authors: Jessica Casaza, Luis Chauchard, Juan Herrero, César Alvarado, Rudy Guzmán, Miguel Segur, and Henry Moreno

ch9 Non-domestic sources of the Canadian boreal forest policy: Integrating theories of internationalisation and pathways of forest policy change
Convening lead authors: Devin Judge-Lord and Irene Scher
Lead author: Benjamin Cashore

ch10 Sustainable forest management on federal lands in the US Pacific Northwest – making sense of science, conflict, and collaboration
Convening lead author: Cassandra Moseley
Lead author: Georg Winkel

ch11 Land grabbing and forest conflict in Cambodia: Implications for community and sustainable forest management
Convening lead author: Ahmad Dhiaulhaq
Lead authors: Yurdi Yasmi and David Gritten
Contributing authors: Lisa Kelley and Horm Chandet

ch12 Role of corporate responsibility: Insights from three forest-industry multinationals investing in China
Convening lead author: Anne Toppinen
Lead authors: Yijing Zhang, Eric Hansen, Kaisa Korhonen-Kurki, and Ning Li

ch13 Khasi responses to forest pressures: A community REDD+ project from Northeast India
Mark Poffenberger

ch14 Global forest governance to address illegal logging: The rise of timber legality verification to rescue Indonesia's forests
Convening lead author: Erica Pohnan
Lead authors: Michael W. Stone and Benjamin Cashore

ch15 Forest Stewardship Council certification of natural forest management in Indonesia: Required improvements, costs, incentives, and barriers
Convening lead author: Ruslandi
Lead authors: Art Klassen, Claudia Romero, and Francis E. Putz

ch16 Enabling forest users in Nepal to exercise their rights: Rethinking regulatory barriers to communities and smallholders earning their living from timber
Convening lead author: David Gritten
Lead authors: Naya Sharma Paudel, Harisharan Luintel, Dil B. Khatri, Julian Atkinson, James Bampton, Bernhard Mohns, and Kamal Bhandari
Contributing authors: Chandra Silori and Madankumar Janakiraman

ch17 Transformative mediation, a tool for maximising the positives out of forest conflict: A case study from Kanchanaburi, Thailand
Convening lead author: Ahmad Dhiaulhaq
Lead authors: Toon De Bruyn, Kanchana Wiset, Rawee Thaworn, David Gritten, and Yurdi Yasmi
Contributing authors: Somying Soontornwong and Sureerat Kritsanarangsan

ch18 Rehabilitation of degraded forest and woodland ecosystems in Ethiopia for sustenance of livelihoods and ecosystem services
Convening lead author: Eshetu Yirdaw
Lead authors: Mulualem Tigabu, Mulugeta Lemenih, Mesele Negash, and Demel Teketay

ch19 Small forest-based enterprises in The Gambia: Opportunities and challenges
Convening lead authors: M. Fernanda Tomaselli and Robert Kozak
Lead authors: Reem Hajjar and Joleen Timko
Contributing authors: Alkali Jarjusey and Kanimang Camarai

ch20 Local livelihoods in the context of deforestation and forest degradation: A study of three regions in Madagascar
Convening lead author: Aziza Rqibate
Lead authors: Daniel Plugge, Tahiry Rabefahiry, Bruno Ramamonjisoa, and Michael Köhl

ch21 Community rights and participation in the face of new global interests in forests and lands: The case of Mozambique
Convening lead author: Almeida Sitoe
Lead authors: Sheila Wertz-Kanounnikoff, Natasha Ribeiro, Benard Guedes, and Nicia Givá

ch22 The impacts of decentralisation reforms on sustainable forest management in Central Uganda
Convening lead author: Abwoli Y. Banana
Lead authors: Justine J. Namaalwa, Patrick Byakagaba, Daniel Waiswa, and Mukadasi Buyinza
Contributing author: William Gombya-Ssembajwe

ch23 Assessing forest governance in the Federation of Bosnia-Herzegovina: Views of forestry professionals
Convening lead author: Mersudin Avdibegović
Lead authors: Margaret Shannon, Dženan Bećirović, Senka Mutabdžija, Bruno Marić, and Špela Pezdevšek Malovrh

ch24 Heated and frozen forest conflicts: Cultural sustainability and forest management in arctic Finland
Mikko Jokinen

ch25 Old solutions for today’s problems in the Urbión Model Forest
Convening lead author: Miguel Segur
Lead authors: Sonia Martel, Álvaro Picardo, Pedro Medrano, and José Antonio Lucas Santolaya
Contributing authors: Amaya Martínez Rioja, Pilar Valbuena, José Alonso Alonso, Pedro Gil, and Emilio Galindo

ch26 Forest monitoring in Europe and its importance to clean air policies and sustainable forest management
Convening lead author: Martin Lorenz
Contributing authors: Arnaud Brizay, Paola Deda, Peringe Grennfelt, and Roman Michalak

ch27 Water-related ecosystem services of forests: Learning from regional cases
Convening lead author: Bart Muys
Lead authors: Jan Nyssen, Ben du Toit, and Enrico Vidale
Contributing authors: Irina Prokofieva, Robert Mavsar, and Marc Palahi


ch1 Introduction to Part III and summary of the findings from the case studies
Glenn Galloway, Pia Katila, Wil de Jong, and Pablo Pacheco

ch2 Overview of the case studies and their diversity
Pablo Pacheco, Pia Katila, Gerardo Mery, and Glenn Galloway

ch3 Prerequisite conditions across cases
Glenn Galloway, Wil de Jong, Pia Katila, Pablo Pacheco, Gerardo Mery, and René Alfaro

ch4 Interactions among prerequisite conditions
Glenn Galloway, Pia Katila, Wil de Jong, and Pablo Pacheco

ch5 Methodological and analytical considerations
Glenn Galloway

References to chapters 1–5


ch1 Introduction and synthesis
Wil de Jong

ch2 Management of natural tropical forests in the past and present and projections for the future
Plinio Sist, Pablo Pacheco, Robert Nasi, and Jürgen Blaser

ch3 Synopsis of FAO Regional Forest Outlook Studies
Gerardo Mery, Sinikka Västilä, and Maxim Lobovikov

ch4 Linking global to local using multi-scale scenarios
Lauri Hetemäki

ch5 Forest futures: Linking global paths to local conditions
Eric Kemp-Benedict, Wil de Jong, and Pablo Pacheco


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