Forests and Society – Responding to Global Drivers of Change - Summary Presentations

These summary presentations present the main issues from each chapter in the book "Forest and Society – Responding to Global Drivers of Change". They were produced in close collaboration with the authors and are here downloadable as PDF documents. These presentations can be used in training and capacity development or to highlight the main issues in this publication.

2   Forests and Adaptation to Climate Change: Challenges and Opportunities
3   Harnessing Forests for Climate Change Mitigation through REDD+
4   Air Pollution Impacts on Forests in a Changing Climate
5   Forest Cover and Global Water Governance
6   Forest Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services: Drivers of Change, Responses and Challenges
7   Forest Health in a Changing Environment
8   Changes in Global Markets for Forest Products and Timberlands
9   Implications of Technological Development to Forestry
10  Forests and Bioenergy production
11  Forestry in Changing Social Landscapes
12  Forests, Human Health and Well-Being in Light of Climate Change and Urbanisation
13  Extra-Sectoral Drivers of Forest Change
14  Sustainability of the Boreal Forest and Forestry in a Changing Environment
15  Amazon Forests at the Crossroads: Pressures, Responses and Challenges
16  Opportunities and Challenges for Community Forestry: Lessons from Tropical America
17  Emerging Local Economic and Social Dynamics Shaping East African Forest Landscapes
18  Secondary Forests in West Africa: A Challenge and Opportunity for Management
19  Promoting Sustainable Forest Management through Community Forestry in the Philippines
20  Genetic Resources and Conservation of Mahogany in Mesoamerica
21  Sustainability of Wood Supply: Risk Analysis for a Pulp Mill in Guangxi, China
22  Managing Forested Landscapes for Socio-Ecological Resilience
23  Ability of Institutions to Address New Challenges
24  The Need for New Strategies and Approaches