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  1. NEW DATE! 4th World Teak Conference 2020
  2. NEW DATE: 3rd IUFRO Acacia Conference 2020: Embracing Transformation for Sustainable Management of Industrial Forest Plantations
  3. NEW DATE! International Conference on Wood Adhesives
  4. 3rd International Forest Policy Meeting
  5. 9th International Symposium on Forest and Sustainable Development
  6. The Social and Ecological Value Added of Small-Scale Forestry to the Bio-Economy
  7. NEW DATE! Managing for resilient forests in variable future climate
  8. POSTPONED - NEW DATE TO BE ANNOUNCED! 6th 2.09.02 Working Party Conference - Somatic embryogenesis and other asexual propagation technologies to produce trees for a greener future
  9. NEW DATE! Socio-Ecological Conflicts in Forest Management: Risks of (Not) Adapting?
  10. NEW DATE! University of Belgrade – Faculty of Forestry - 100th Anniversary Congress
  11. CANCELLED DUE TO CORONA VIRUS OUTBREAK! - 2020 World Wood Day: Legacy
  12. POSTPONED - NEW DATE TO BE ANNOUNCED! Is there a room for the small scale enterprises in the forest bioeconomy?
  13. POSTPONED - NEW DATE TBA! International Scientific Conference on Modern Technologies and Engineering in Sustainable Forest Utilization
  14. NEW DATE! 2nd IUFRO Division 3 Doctoral Student Conference
  15. NEW DATE! Joint Annual Meeting of the Council on Forest Engineering (COFE) and the International Symposium on Forest Mechanization (FORMEC): COFE/FORMEC 2021: Forest Engineering Family – Growing Forward from Our Roots
  16. IUFRO RG 5.10.00 Conference "Pathways of forest bioeconomy – past, present and future"
  17. CANCELLED: 3rd European i-Tree Conference
  18. CANCELLED DUE TO CORONA VIRUS OUTBREAK! - Silvicultural Technology Workshop
  19. 2020 Western Mensurationists Conference: Forestry at the Crossroads: Advancements in Natural and Artificial Intelligence
  20. NEW DATE! Natural Resources, Green Technology and Sustainable Developement/4 - GREEN2020
  21. 19th Symposium on Systems Analysis in Forest Resources (SSAFR 2021)
  22. Foliar, Shoot, Stem and Rust Diseases of Trees - Forest Diseases During Global Crises
  23. PINUS WebCast "The Production Tables as a tool to support the management of Maritime Pine"
  24. 7th Annual Meeting of the IAWA-China Group: Strengthening the protection and utilization of forestry resources, broadening research field of wood anatomy and wood science


  1. 5.12.00 - Sustainable utilization of forest products
  2. 5.01.09 - Non-destructive evaluation of wood and wood-based materials
  3. 5.15.00 - Forest products culture
  4. 9.05.04 - Forest policies in the Baltic and CEE regions
  5. 5.07.04 - Small conventional power systems
  6. 9.05.09 - African Forest Politics and Governance
  7. 5.16.00 - Wood identification