About RSS Feeds

What are RSS Feeds?

RSS feeds allow you to see when your favorite websites have posted new content. Your advantage? Once you have subscribed to a feed of your choice the latest news and headlines will be brought directly to you as soon as they are published. So you will never miss out on an interesting IUFRO news, meeting or publication again!

How do I start using feeds?

To get started you need a 'news reader' (also called aggregator). This is basically an application that checks the feeds you have suscribed to and informs you whenever new information has been added.

There are many different types of news readers around. Basically you can either opt for a news reader that can be opened via your browser or you can install a little program on your main computer.

If this topic is utterly new for you please have a look at the column on the right to find a selection of free news readers (there is more on the web). The choice is up to your preferences.

If you are looking for a quick and easy way it might be worth checking whether the browser you are currently working with is included in the list. If so, you can get started right away.


How can I subscribe to the IUFRO feeds of my choice?

Once you have got a news reader (program or latest browser version) you just have to decide which content you wish to subscibe to by clicking on the orange button next to the feed of your choice. Alternatively you can also copy and paste the URL of the feed of your choice into your news reader.

    List of available IUFRO RSS feeds:

    • Subscribe - IUFRO Latest News
      Get the latest headlines and Scientific Summaries as soon as they are published.
      Language: English

    • -IUFRO Publications
      Never miss out on interesting publications (such as IUFRO News or IUFRO World Series) again!
      Language: English

    • - IUFRO Events
      If you want to know right from the start about planned IUFRO meetings and events this feed is ideally suited for you.
      Language: English

    • - IUFRO Jobs
      Language: English

    • - IUFRO Education
      Language: English

    Can I really subscribe for free?

    Yes, this service is completely free and you can unsubcribe very easily by deleting the subsciption in your news reader.

    Where can I get additional information in my mother tongue?

    Wikipedia offers additional information in English, German, French and Spanish.