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Activities and events

No upcoming meetings found for Unit 1.01.00.

Calendar of Meetings

Past IUFRO meetings

  • 3rd Restoring Forests: Regeneration and Ecosystem Function for the Future; Lund, Sweden; 12-14 September 2017. Units involved: IUFRO Task force – Forest Adaptation and Restoration under Global Change, 1.01.00, 1.01.06; 1.06.00, 2.01.15. Conference homepage - 1st announcement - 2nd announcement - Report - Photos (by Pär Fornling)   

  • 10th International Beech Symposium: 10th International Beech Symposium: Ecology and Silviculture of Beech - Climate change and its impacts upon the Beech forests; Kastamonou & Safranbolu, Turkey; 1-6 September 2015. IUFRO Units involved: 1.01.07, 1.01.00. Conference homepage  

  • 2nd Restoring Forests Congress: What Constitutes Success in the 21st Century?; Lafayette, Indiana, USA; 14-16 October 2014. IUFRO Units involved: 1.01.00, 1.06.00, 2.01.00, 3.02.00. Conference homepage
  • Expert Workshop on Ecology and Restoration of Central and Northeast Asian Forests; Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia; 10-12 September 2014. Units involved: 1.01.00, 106.00. Contact: John Stanturf

  • IUFRO Conference on Restoring Forests: Advances in Techniques and Theory; Madrid, Spain; 27-29 September 2011. Units involved: 1.01.00, 1.06.00, 2.01.00, 3.02.00. Conference homepage - Second circular

  • Opportunities and Risks for Douglas-Fir in a Changing Climate; Freiburg, Germany; 18-20 October 2010. Conference homepage - 1st Announcement
  • IUFRO Conference on Forest Landscape Restoration; Seoul, Korea; 14-19 May 2007. Units involved: 1.00.00, 6.00.00, 8.00.00, 1.01.00, 1.01.03, 1.01.07, (former 6.13.00), 8.01.02. Conference homepage - Report

from the meeting:

Photo 1: Breakfast meeting hosted by IUFRO President Prof. Don Koo Lee of Seoul National University. (Left to right: Drs. Yeong Dae Park (Visiting Scientist, US Forest Service), Joon Hwan Shin (Deputy Director General, Korea Forest Research Institute), Lee, Jim Reaves (Associate Deputy Chief, US Forest Service), John Stanturf (Project Leader, US Forest Service) (Photo: John Stanturf)

Photo 2: Post-conference field trip stop to view efforts to restore a harsh ridge-top site, Dae-Gwall-Yeong Special Plantation Site. Participants view windbreak fence and planting of Pinus koraiensis container stock. (Photo: Kas Dumroese)

Photo 3: Model erosion control works and post-fire reforestation at the Erosion Control Works Park at Oudori near Pohang on the east coast of Korea. (Photo: John Stanturf)