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Publications and references

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IUFRO Publications

  • Production, restoration, mitigation: a new generation of plantations": Silva, L.N., Freer-Smith, P. & Madsen, P. New Forests (2018).  

  • 3rd Restoring Forests: Regeneration and Ecosystem Function for the Future; Lund, Sweden; 12-14 September 2017. Units involved: IUFRO Task force – Forest Adaptation and Restoration under Global Change, 1.01.00, 1.01.06; 1.06.00, 2.01.15. Book of Abstracts (11.7 MB, PDF)   

  • 10th International Beech Symposium: 10th International Beech Symposium: Ecology and Silviculture of Beech - Climate change and its impacts upon the Beech forests; Kastamonou & Safranbolu, Turkey; 1-6 September 2015. IUFRO Units involved: 1.01.07, 1.01.00. Book of Abstracts

  • Stanturf, John (Ed.). 2007. Proceedings of the IUFRO Conference on Forest Landscape Restoration. Seoul, Korea 14-19 May 2007. Korea Forest Research Institute, 268 pp. Link to online file (6.7 MB, PDF)

  • IUFRO. 2005. Multilingual Pocket Glossary of Forest Terms and Definitions. International Union of Forest Research Organizations, Vienna, Austria.  96 pp.

Publications of interest

  • Angela Beckmann-Wübbel, Annika Fricke, Zita Sebesvari, Iulia Almeida-Yakouchenkova, Katrin Fröhlich, Somidh Saha. High public appreciation for the cultural ecosystem services of urban and peri‑urban forests during the COVID-19 pandemic. Sustainable Cities and Society; Volume 74, November 2021, 103240
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