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Activities and events

Upcoming IUFRO meetings

2024 Short Rotation Woody Crops International Conference - The Future is Green: Integrating Short Rotation Woody Crops (SRWC), Agroforestry, and Ecosystem Services for Sustainable, Productive Landscapes; Columbia, MO, USA; 13-16 May 2024. Units involved: 1.03.00, 1.06.01, 2.08.04. Save the date! - Conference homepage - Call for Abstracts with extended deadline   

Past IUFRO meetings

2022 13th Short Rotation Woody Crops International Conference; Mills River, North Carolina, USA; 2-4 May 2022. Units involved: 1.03.00, 2.08.04. Conference homepage - Call for Abstracts  


WOODY CROPS 2018 - International Short Rotation Woody Crops Conference; Rhinelander, Wisconsin, USA; 23-25 July 2018. Units involved: 1.03.00, 2.08.04. 1st announcement         


Indian Ecological Society Conference 2016: Natural Resource Management - Ecological Perspectives; Jammu, India, 18-20 February 2016; Conference homepage - 1st announcement - Report  


3rd ACMECS Bioenergy Workshop: Future Development of ACMECS Bioenergy: Regional Plan and Standardization; Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand; 8-12 December 2015. Units involved: Task Force "Sustainable Forest Biomass Network", 7.01.03, 1.03.00, 9.01.04. Conference homepage - Report 


ISTS-IUFRO Conference on Sustainable Resource Management for Climate Change Mitigation and Social Security; Chandigarh, India; 13-15 March 2014. Conference homepage - Conference announcement - Report


Final International Public Conference on Short Rotation Forestry and Agroforestry: an Exchange of Experience between CDM Countries and Europe; Barolo (Torino) Italy; 20-22 June 2011. Conference homepage - Report - Pictures: FAO Office Budapest workshop - Discussion during workshop (Mr Michel Demes, Officer-in-charge, FAO Regional Office office on the chair) - IUFRO poster displayed during Italy workshop - Alasia officials addressing before field visit


Short Rotation Forestry: Synergies for Wood Production and Environmental Amelioration; 10-12 February 2011; Ludhiana, India. Conference announcement - Report - Poster - Post-Symposium Training Workshop Report


Post-Symposium Training Workshop

Meetings of interest

  • 8th Biennial Short Rotation Woody Crops Operations Working Group: Short Rotation Woody Crops in a Renewable Energy Future: Challenges and Opportunities; Syracuse, NY, United States; 17-19 October 2010. Conference homepage