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4.02.02 - Multipurpose inventories


Satoshi Tatsuhara, Japan


Chinsu Lin, China - Taipei

About Unit

The focus of the Working Party is to share the information on Multipurpose Resource of forest wealth of the planet Earth with professional foresters and forest scientists; to inventories the forest resources; to train and educate especially the youth on the inventory techniques; hold formal and informal discussions through meetings, emails and digital video conferencing; initiating databank for global inventory of multipurpose tree species.

State of Knowledge

Multipurpose inventories are modern forest inventory concepts supporting a holistic view of forest ecosystems by multi-source inventories. The obtained information directly helps report and assess the status of criteria and indicators of sustainability and serves as a knowledge base for research and development.

Forest ecosystem inventory and monitoring is vital to the successful implementation of sustainable forest management. Multipurpose inventories facilitate a common understanding of forest and provide a framework for reporting on the state of forests, forest management, and achievements toward sustainability.